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Here's a collection of lake photos provided by various sources. Click on the photo's for a full size picture.

These are photos of our log cabin. All the logs were hauled out of the water by my father in the mid 1960's. The mortar between the logs was being done when John Glenn walked on the moon (1969 ?). Kids who walk past think this is where the pioneers lived. Photo courtesy of Marty Pickard The one I've attached this time was taken last Sept and I think it's very nice. Photo courtesy of Marty Pickard Sunsets seem never-ending and we enjoy taking pictures of them but I don't think there's two the same. Photo courtesy of Marty Pickard
Looking north from Hay Bay towards the Ripples. Fall 2002 Looking north from Hay Bay towards the Ripples from the Camp Ponacka look out. Fall 2002 The "Blue Bullet" barge pumping out the septic tanks of boat access cottagers. July 2003
Looking north east from Country Fare (formerly Grants). Looking north west from Country Fare (formerly Grants). August sunset at Birch Cliff Lodge, 2003. Photo courtesy of Dr. A. Lang, Toronto
Looking west on the south shore off Rangers Road. Photo courtesy of Michael Bozak Lavalley Bay from Makwan. Photo taken July 2003 and courtesy of David Canning Thanksgiving (2003) picture, just as the fog was lifting from the lake.Photo taken from North shore (between Herschel Island & the Narrows), looking south. Photo courtesy: Lynn Allan
Aerial shot in Oct. 2003, looking east, entrance to Redmond Bay on the right, Lavallee Bay on the left. Photo courtesy, Carolyn Guest. LaVallee Bay as seen from Blueberry Island, with Chocolate Drop Island in view. Photo courtesy: David Slade This is a picture from July 2003, right before dusk, heading north up Hay Bay in our 57' chriscraft. Courtesy, Paul Greer