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A friend of Wayne jackson who lives in Bobcaygeon had occasion to photograph 2 large bucks that literally locked horns on Sunday afternoon. They were battling to see who would service the doe nearby. Closer yet is another buck that lost one of it's antlers. This is the normal time that deer shed their antlers. Even more interesting is the fact that two of the deer have paddles at the tip of their antlers. The animal that has only one antler appears to be waiting to take on the winner of the battle. It is unknown if the deer managed to get free of one another as a snowmobile came along and frightened them down the backside of the hill behind the photographer's home. These photos are really quite something as deer usually don't fight at this time of the year and locking up is also rare. Apparently the paddles are possibly caused by large amounts of minerals found in feed that has been supplied by humans. Photos courtesy of Garry Spencer.