Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2008

As a little girl my parents owned a cottage up on the hill just north of the Grant's General store back in the late 50's on through until they sold in the early 70's due to my father's illness. It consisted of no running water and an outhouse. We owned a dock just near Mabel Grant's store and our days were filled with swimming in the lake and visiting Mabel to buy some candy, which you could get 3 candies for 2Cents back then. Mabel was a real country gal who lived in the back portion of the store with her mother. She married once to a man named Cliff who passed on a few years after they were married, only to leave her alone again. My best friend up there was Irene Huff who has since passed on. Her family still has a house there on the same hill. I also was friends with the Peevers and the Sears. Life was very simple back then and I loved the escape to this land of paradise every summer. I came back to visit 23 yrs. later, with not too much change and still to capture the essence of my childhood. I will never forget this land of paradise and my fond memories will always be in my heart
.....thanks Mary Henson