Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 21:46:53 -0400

Hello, my name is Mary (Grant). My Aunt Mabel ran the General Store and I too have fond memories of our visits to Baptiste Lake. My father was Roy Grant (son of Freeman Grant who was Mabels brother) My Aunt Susie Barber lived across the street. She passed away last year and still had the most incredible memory in her last days. I remember Aunt Mabel letting us pick out which room we wanted to sleep in and breakfast in the dining room. My sister and I especially enjoyed waiting on and meeting the boys as they came to the store in their canoes from the camp across the lake. My first heart-throb ever was Irvin Robbins and I met probably him the summer around 1972 when I was 13 at most? I would love to know if he remembers me! We corresponded for a bit after I returned to my home in Rochester NY. I loved my Aunt Mabel and used to feel bad when I was a child because I always felt she was lonely. I saved my money and sent her roses for her birthday every year until she died. We used to play the old Victrola at the house and loved the milk in the plastic bags which was so foreign to us from from New York! I remember when they called the porch the "veranda" and the sofa was called a "davenport". This was so amusing to us as children? I tear up when I see the pictures of my ancestors. My parents passed away in 1997 and what I would give to be able to ask more questions about my ancesty in Baptiste.

Has anyone ever considered a reunion where we could all meet to talk about memories and maybe I could find out more about our history before it is too late? The last time I was there my daughter was two and we stayed at Birchcliff. That was 21 years ago. So many memories, Baptiste is a special place and I see I am not the only person who feels the magic.

Mary (Grant)