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Memories of Grants - Historical Photo Gallery    Courtesy of: Bruce Montgomery Collection, Baptiste Village, ON
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Alec Grant was Herb Grant's son.
Some girls at Herb Grant's house at Baptiste. Two Village boys. Wolves in the Village??
Mrs.Eva Holbrook who still lives in Bancroft. Some of Herb Grant's family, children & grandchildren. Jane Succee and Dalton Grant.....Baptiste Village(Herb Grant's house)
1916 Herb Grant in the army. Herb Grant's house was on s.w. corner of south Baptiste Lk.Rd.& Bowen Rd.(where the municipal parking lot is now.) Rose (Grant) Succe was Herb and Cecilia Grant's daughter.
Two Baptiste Village ladies. Mrs.Stahle referred to as ("The Mermaid of Baptiste") as she swam each day from May 24th through Thanksgiving. Mrs.Stahle's house was torn down and replaced, across from the church in 2004. Another of her chores was running the bake sale in the summer to raise funds for the church.
One of the things she will be remembered for is looking after the church in the village,when the B.L.A. meetings,weddings,and services were held in the building. These pics are of Mrs. Grace Stahle.(Pronounced "STALEE") She was an old time resident living here until 94 yrs. of age. A local guide...he lived here on Baptiste....anyone know his name??
Ches Wyche and "The Guide" Bill Bowman having lunch Bill Bowman and the guide.(Bill Bowman is Wally Bowman's father)
The men were fishing and the ladies were.............??? Could be Susan Morawetz (anyone know?) The Chateau.