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Memories of Grants - Historical Photo Gallery    Courtesy of: Bruce Montgomery Collection, Baptiste Village, ON
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1916, Bill and Elta Jenings home in Baptiste Vilage with Wm. Martin and daughter Junetta. Jenings lumber became Jenings & Bailey Lumber, then was renamed to Martin Lumber. The company became Martin Bros. Lumber and finally G.W martin Lumber. The man on the left may be Paddy Cox. 1921, picture of a Baptiste lumber camp. Note the shanty in the background. We think the very small man id Herb Grant. ((a distant relative of Hiram Grant). Herb was married to Rose Baptistes' daughter.

1907, south shore I.B.&O. rail track running west from Village towards Diamond Lake. 1919, lumber mill at the old Hughes siding (currently the marina). 1919, lumber mill at the old Hughes siding (currently the marina).

1915, a great picture of "Grant's" when it was painted a dark colour. Mac Bartlett said it was dark purple. (note: The soldier and family to see him off.) Mac thought it might be one of the Maxwell's as they had a cottage here,on the Fell road. 1919, the McAllister boys. All these men are gone, the last one last year. Anyone know the story about Gen. Monk? How his family came to own this boat? It would be interesting to know, as this boat was on the lake for a few years. 1932- We are not too sure if the lady is Annie (Baptiste)Yateman or Mary (Baptiste)Lavalley. Most think it is Mary (Baptiste) Lavalley.

1935, Note the motor in this picture. Could be tourists in the boat with Sam Baptiste (going fishing?) No one seems to know anyone else in this picture. 1952, probably one of the last pictures of Sam, Jack and Rose Baptiste. This is a great pic of Mary & Frank Lavalley. Mr.Germain( or German)( from New Jersey )had two buildings built in Dog Bay(stone work by "Mcallisters" of Baptiste.) One is owned by Doug Williams and the boat house(converted to a cottage ) is owned by Trevor Ryan. One of the Kavanaugh boys in the pic has 2 cottages near the entrance to Dog Day.

1924, note the car. An old resident of Baptiste Village, Earl Huff (93 years old) remembers when Grants bought this car brand new in 1924 or 1926. 1925, photocopy of original oil painting of Baptiste Village owned by Bruce Montgomery. 1928, this is the only picture we know of of Bill Mulcahey who biult Grants. He lived witht the Grnats for a number of years after he sold it to Hiram Grant. Bill went on to build "Birch Cliff" and never married.

1938, a picture of the front of Grants. 1956, and the railway line is still in place. The large building is a dance hall. 1962, and the railway line is gone and a dirt road has taken its place.

1987, aerial photo of Grants. 1987, aerial photo of Baptiste Village. 1987, aerial photo looking SW towards West Bay with Millionaires island in the foreground.

1998, two antique, live size dolls that used to be in the dining room of Grants. Read an article that appeared in the Bancroft Times in Aug 2003. Mabel Poff with a crew from Ponacka.