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Memories of Grants - Historical Photo Gallery    Courtesy of: Bruce Montgomery Collection, Baptiste Village, ON
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Alec Grant was Bryan Grant's father(who lives next to the church) A few people at Herb Grant's house (where the parking lot is now) Taken at the Peever home in the village. Luella (Peever) Grant is Bryan Grant's mother also
Taken at Mud Creek around 1938. Stella Peever ( died very young) 3 village men.(Orval is 84 now)
1931 - Taken at Herb grants house, S.W. corner of South Baptiste Lake RD. & Bowen RD., Walt Robbins was Orval Robbins uncle, Orval who is now 84 yrs.old.( the house was where the municipal parking lot is now.) Note the pelts. Interesting newspaper article from 1941 1970 - Bob Clark worked at Camp Ponacka 1950----1975. He was Visiting me 1970 at Diamond Lake. The Clark road (on the way to Ponacka) is named after Bob Clark.
1901 - Orval Robbins mother & father.(Orvals father.....Harvey.. helped build "Grant's Store". Annie & Harvey with Donna at "Mud Creek" (the causeway) Taken in Orval Robbins house S.W. corner Baptiste LK. rd. & Dock rd. in the village.
1953 - A good photo of days at Camp Ponacka. We do not know the councillors name. 1938 - Orval Robbin's mother & sister.(Orval is now 84 yrs old) taken up the hill behind "Grant's Store". Some more of the Robbins family

Sam Baptiste's wife. Another great picture of Rose Baptiste (Sam's wife) 1953 Camp Ponacka travellers. "Wally Bowman" was in the second canoe.

The Chateau. No, the names "Peg and Peg" are not an error. The Chateau. Note: Sign over door that says...."BOOTH--OFFICE" 1913 - David Philip Conwell Grant (nickname " Herb " ) was a distant relative of the "Grants" at the store. He was married to Cecilia Etta (Holbrook)He built and lived in a house on the N.W.corner of the S.Baptiste Lake & Bowen roads.(the house burned in 1985 or 1986.) Photo courtesy of: Diane(Succee) Kellar