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Memories of Grants - Historical Photo Gallery    Courtesy of: Bruce Montgomery Collection, Baptiste Village, ON
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My neighbour Orval says it was a funeral.(in front of "Grant's Store"). Madeline Stoughton was a local native lady.... Ike Grant was Herb Grant's father. Mary Bartlett grew up in the tin house east of "Grant's Store
Charles and Lizzie Holbrook (Lloyd Holbrook & Linda live here in the village. (Charles was Lloyd's grandfather) Taken in the village at the Peever home. Herb Grant's son .. Dalton.........note: "Grant's Store" toward the lake on the right.
Herb Grant was a guide here on the lake and also worked at Millionaires Island. These people lived at the causeway. Two ladies who lived near the village.
Public dock in front of "Grant's Store".(Herb Grant's boat) Taken at Sam Baptiste's house.(Faye [Robbins] Gordon still lives in the village.) Sam and Jack Baptiste's homes.
Orval Robbins and his grandparents A work crew from Baptiste that went to work on Benoir Lake. Mrs. Eva Holbrook lives in Bancroft.(taken in front of the Peever home in the village.)
Louis Covert lived at Baptiste. A wedding in the village.(Wilfred & Eva Holbrook??) Orland Lewis from Highland Grove and Alec Grant from Baptiste.
Mrs.Eva Holbrook grew up in Baptiste village and still lives in Bancroft Taken on the railway tracks near "Grant's Store". Sunday ice cream at "Grants Store" after church.
Public dock at Grant's Store.(Launcey Grant) Camp at Benoir Lake. Jane Succee was a sister-in-law to Rose [Grant] Succee. (Herb's daughter.)
Bryan Grant's father .[Bryan lives here in the village.] Orval Robbins mother & sister. Looks like a Holbrook wedding??[Eva & Wilfred??]
Taken at the Peever home in the village Some of the children in Baptiste Village Taken in front of the Peever home. (torn down and replaced Nov.2004 with a new house.)