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Memories of Grants - Historical Photo Gallery    Courtesy of: Bruce Montgomery Collection, Baptiste Village, ON
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Guide camp at north end of lake. Grant and Robbins families. Herb Grant's house in the village.
The man in the middle looks like one of the McAllisters?? maybe someone knows? (Laurie [McAllister] Cooney???) Diane (Succee) Kellar's parents wedding. Irving Robbins wedding around 1920.
Herb Grant building a new dock crib near the store. WW1 certificate of service for Herb Grant. 1914 - Herb and Celia Grants wedding photo.
4 Generations of Grants. Death notice of Launcey Grant. Launcy was Herb & Celia Grant's son. 2 of Orval Robbins children.
A couple of local village ladies Taken at the Sutherland farm up the Brethour rd. up behind "Grant's Store" Taken in the village beside the church.
Some of the trees here in 1939. Orland Lewis (from Highland Grove) in B.C. (served with Alec Grant) Hugh Robbins lives down the Fell rd. where the old bus is.
John Sutherland was related to many people in the village and area. Two young ladies from Baptiste at the drugstore in Bancroft. Sam Hancock and his lady.(he was raised by the Baptistes)
Taken in front of Hiram Grant's barn,across from "Grant's Store". Children playing in the village. Looks like another wedding at the Peever home.
All the Robbins family grew up in Baptiste. Bryan Grant's father. 1961 Helen & George Archibald's cottage. (it was in very bad shape in 1989 torn.. down in 1989) N.E corner of S.Baptiste Lake RD.& Dock RD. (rebuilt in 1990)