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Memories of Grants - Historical Photo Gallery    Courtesy of: Bruce Montgomery Collection, Baptiste Village, ON
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A few more fish.......(Frank Whitehouse)........1943 Looks like shower day at "Camp Ponacka" Mrs. Matilda Bowman...Mr. Bill Bowman....and a friend.
Recognize anyone?? The campers are growing in number!! Recognize anyone?? The campers are growing in number!! A few fish.(Ches Wyche).....1943
This lady must have had problems with the food at "The Chateau." Mrs. Summers granddaughter Nancy ,I guess the dog stayed. Wally Bowman ..a councillor, one of the Morawetz girls and wally's mother , Mrs. Matilda Bowman.
The Chateau outhouse...."for guests only" Sailing canoes around West Bay. This dog wants to stay at the lake.
Who says there are no fish up at Tea Lake? This dock was down behind the Spa property on the South Baptiste Lake Rd.(belonged to Ches Wyche) Ches Wyche and one of local guides.
Note: Grant's Store,the Railway Station,Grants barns to the left. Jack Baptiste was Sam and Rosie Baptiste's only son. Baptiste relatives.(my neighbour Orval Robbins wife was Elva.)
A tourist from Pennsylvania. Frank Lavalley was married to Mary Baptiste. " Jenings and Bailey" became" Bailey and Martin" then " Martin Brothers" ...then " Martin Lumber"
2 Ladies enjoying "The Chateau Resort". A couple from Pennsylvania.(you can tell he is a steelworker,look at his arms.) Going home after another great summer at Baptiste Lake.