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Historical Photo Gallery

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Lake and District Memories

At the turn of the century, parking and traffic jams were not much of a problem in town.

Maynooth was not much busier back then. Many thanks to fellow cottagers for the photos.

Ahhhhhh, arriving at the lake and taking that first look at the scenary. Particularly when it was 1928.
Gros-Louis Commandant was born in 1823. Big Louie as he became nicknamed, is part of the Baptiste clan on his Mothers' side. Bathing and washing a couple of years ago. The logging tug that towed the log booms on the lake was nicknamed the "Alligator".
1930s. Old Baptiste Mine, appears to be just to the west of the old railway trestle to the west of Baptiste Village. I know my father, who may have taken the photo, climbed up there. Anybody else remember it? Photo courtesy Carol Maclennan. 1930s. Two sailing canoes and a swimming raft. View is NW from the Maclennan property on Fell Rd. Photo courtesy Carol Maclennan.
An early photo of some Woottons'. More Woottons' a few years later. A view of the tracks near Bel Air Lodge. now replaced by the South Baptiste lake Road.
What Country Fare (formerly Grants') looked like with the train station in front of it. The little engine that could. "Mary Anne" chugged from Irondale to Bancroft from 1900 through 1960. Pictured here is the engine on the turntable in Irondale. Here is photo taken at High Falls in 1947.