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  • From: [bnicholson@bdo.ca]
    Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010
    On September 18th, while kayaking just north of Hay Bay by the jumping rock we spotted a bald eagle that would leave its perch in a tall white pine to swoop down to the lake in a circular motion and return to the tree.
    This occurred about three times as we paddled toward it before it left the area. When we had made our way to the area of its "swooping", we discovered a young merganser floating face up in the water.
    Obviously the eagle was coming in to retrieve its kill and the sight of our kayaks was a distraction.
  • From: msmith0903@aol.com June 18,
    While fishing near Sugar Bush Bay a large Bald Eagle flew from a deadwood tree right in front of us. he flew in our sight for about 500 yards. this happened on June 18th
  • From: gibips@nexicom.net, Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008
    A golden eagle was on and around my property (beside Sunrise Lodge, Lavallee Bay) on Saturday, Nov 22/08. At one point, it perched on my neighbors tree and as I tried to get closer for a clear photo, it took off north, over the bay. When it reached the shore near Scott's Cottages, it scared off another large bird, this one a bald eagle.
  • Saturday Nov. 3/07: a bald eagle was perched on top of a birch tree on the neighbours property on Bowers Pt Rd. He sat there for quite some time, beautiful sight. Pete Varley
  • Sunday Feb 5/06, 4 of us snowshoed from North Baptiste into a small Lake sometime after 1:00 pm. When we reached the Lake surface, looked up to see 2 large Bald Eagles circling overhead - could clearly see white tail and heads. They circled for about 3 or 4 minutes then moved out of our view over the north west horizon toward Baptiste. Very exciting and beautiful sight! We hope they have come to stay and remain undisturbed so they can enrich us all with their brief, unexpected arrivals prompting dreams of grace and stirring our imaginations. Thanks for this website, what a great way to share our love of nature - Sue Wood
  • On Wednesday November 30/05, my neighbour Glen Keating sited a bald eagle in the main lake near Birch Cliff Lodge. It soared around for about 15 minutes and then disappeared. Don Demelis (ddemelis@addcommercial.com)
  • Last Monday (Dec 2, 2002) I saw a bald eagle capture a juvenile loon near the Baptiste Lake Marina and managed to capture this sight with a digital camera through a spotting scope. It had just happened, as the loon was still alive and within minutes several ravens were on the scene. It was a bit brutal but also very dramatic. I don't think the loon was going to survive as there had been ice on the lake for several days. I checked the Baptiste Lake website and there were a number of accounts already of sightings of the bald eagle. Maybe this can be one more. I am forwarding this picture for your information. Frank Hicks, North Baptiste Road. See Photo
  • November 24/02, 8:30 A.M. The bald eagle we saw yesterday morning was back, this time accompanied by a young one whose head and tail feathers weren't a white color yet. They sat in the same trees on the point at the end of Forest View Road for about 10 minutes or so, then flew off again to the south. Hopefully we will see them again the next time we're up. Linda and Gerry Hahn
  • At 8:20 A.M. this morning, November23/02, my husband was looking out the front windows of our cottage near the end of the road on Forest View Road when all of a sudden he says "there's a bald eagle!". We ran to the window and patio door and there was this huge bird flying north right past our cottage. It made a circle east and landed on the very top of a pine tree at the point at the end of the road across from the jumping rocks. He was so heavy that the branches were bent over. It was easy to see him with his white head and tail without the binoculars but we used them to have a good look at him. He sat there for 10 minutes looking around then started to fly south. He flew low over the water for a bit then flew up and continued flying south until I lost sight of him.This is the first time we have seen a bald eagle here at the lake and it was a neat experience! Linda and Gerry Hahn
  • Winter /02 Bald Eagle Sighting
    A bald eagle has been sighted a number of times flying up the channel between the main lake and Lavallee Bay, circle around the lake and land in the big pine tree in front of the Broadworth's home.
    Hi folks,
    On Friday Feb. 8th 2002, around 2.00 p.m., I spotted two bald eagles rising up from shore in the small bay that is directly east of Dog Bay. I was on my snowmobile and had entered the bay (from the lake) because of a large number of crows I saw circling overhead. As I approached the eagles flew up, circled several times and then flew out of sight. I went to the area they had flown up from and saw that they had been feeding on a deer carcass. I went back to the cottage to get my camera in case I they reappeared but I didn't see them again and managed only to get some pictures of the carcass.
    Rick Hofstede
    Ph. 623-332-4478 or 905-623-1578
    Email: rhofsted@idirect.com
    Please email us if you have updated information about this special visitor.
  • Pileated woodpeckers.
      Permanent residents in the western valley of Storey peninsula between Hay and West Bays. More detail about the pileated woodpecker.
    Click here to listen to its    Call  or   Drumming  sound