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  • From: pete@tayson.com
    Date: June 13, 2012
    Medium sized bear seen walking along the north shoreline of the Ponacka Peninsula in Hay Bay at 10:30 at night. Bear came to withn 20 feet of cottage.
  • From: shelley.pickard@rogers.com
    Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2011
    I haven't seen it myself but I have been told that there is a 400-500 lb. bear that has been seen on and around Marina Road. It has been tearing apart trash bins on McAllister Road and at the Marina. Just thought I'd let people know.
  • From: ggladman@copper.net
    Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011
    Thursday, August 18 2011 - An adult bear crossing Bowers Pt Rd from left to right as we drove in at 10pm. About 100 yards before the Millionaires Walk cutoff.
    From: pete.varley@sympatico.ca
    Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011
    The bear on Bowers has been hanging around since spring, we have seen him twice now, once in the morning and once in the afternoon... along with a moose, a fox and two fawn...
  • From: [jerry@morose.ca]
    Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010
    I was wondering what happened to the large bear with the left paw missing.For years it could be seen in the Harcourt dump. Apparently it has changed its feeding location to the South Baptiste rd dump.
  • Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009
    Saturday afternoon a bear was spotted swimming across Lavalee Bay just down from the Pirate Ship to Blueberry Island. From: [daynaclews@gmail.com]
  • Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009
    Sept 19-09 - Saturday afternoon - We saw 2 bear cubs crossing North Baptiste Lake Rd. about 1.5 KM from the dump. We were wondering where the mother was. From: [dogbayroad@hotmail.com]
  • Date: Jul 22 2009
    For the first time in more than 50 years of cottaging on our swampy little point at the end of Forest View Rd., we have a bear. It is a smallish black bear, seemed to be alone and it hoped to find something good in our barbecue but didn't. It then wandered off around 6:30 am. The cat is still hiding under the bed. From: casadl@sympatico.ca
  • Date: Jul 22 2009
    Large black bear in the South Baptiste Road dump at 2 in the afternoon. Bear looks really healthy but is missing its front left paw. From: pete@tayson.com
  • July 13, 2009
    On Friday July 3, 2009 we saw a young black bear and its mother walk across our driveway past our wood pile and back into the woods at 7:30 am. We are located on Bowers Point. Reported by ggladman@copper.net
  • Date: Fri, July 10 2009
    Saw a young black cub on the side of North Baptiste Lake Rd across from the garbage dump. He scurried away once he saw our car crossing the road back to the dump around 3:00pm on May 21st, 2009. Reported by walk3180@wlu.ca
  • Date: June 21st 2009
    While dumping trash at the dump I saw a large bear. Had to be 300 pounds or so. He startled when a bunch of birds flew up and took off. i stood still and he came right back. He was across the right side of the dump where there is a little ravine. He was beutiful I was staying with Jack Card. this happened on June 21st . From msmith0903@aol.com
  • March 2008
    Last summer we had a mother bear and three cubs on our property all of july aug sept.We seen them often in early evening.They run when they seen us but the mother was very watchful We are on 100 acres on elephant lake. 2007 july (mharve32@yahoo.ca )
  • July 1, 2007
    On Sunday July 1st four of us were walking on the logging road ( which goes to Dwight Sears game camp) this is the road just in the woods up behind our cottage which is on the small island at the entrance to Dog Bay. We came upon two bear cubs and a mother about 120 feet away from us, we turned around and slowly walked away and they just ran into the bush. It was quite a sight since we saw the mother bear get up on her haunches and sniff the air. Sorry I did not have a camera. Needless to say we were a touch scared.
    Pauline Hawkes
  • September 2005
    Duane Say was walking along the Ponacka Road. He reached the horse pasture at the intersection of Storey Road and Ponacka and spotted two bear cubs in the pasture. They were under the old apple tree. No adult bears were spotted in the region, but Duane did not hang around to find out!
    Nancy Dickey, USDA/NASS/RDD/Data Quality Research Section
  • We saw a bear near the old dam on Baptiste Lake, on Thursday, August 11th, 2005. I guess this would have been on the north shore (the side with the cottages on it). Kathleen Therriault
  • I was at the dump on the NORTH shore about 9:30 AM Sunday July 10th. After taking one load of bags into the dump I returned to my truck at the road. I happened to look west down the road and three bears were crossing. One the mother ,a cub from this year and another cub much larger( maybe last years) They where in no hurry and crossed in single file.( This was about 1000 yards west of the dump)
    Doug Ellis, Hay Bay
  • Oct. 21/04 There is a one year old bear prowling the point on Bowers Point Road. We have chased it away from our home twice, and it has completely torn apart a large wooden composter. It is a beautiful animal but a little too close to home when you can look out your bedroom window and have a bear looking back at you. The bear hung around for three days. I informed all the neighbours and we all complied with the suggestions by the MNR. It ripped apart the neighbours bird feeders twice and another neighbours garbage. I got tired of repairing the composter so I just left it open with a note "take what you need". It is a beautiful animal, but may not be as cute after hybernation when it comes out full size and 200 pounds heavier. (marla.allison@sympatico.ca)
  • Yesterday morning (July 12/04) when I was out riding my waterbike in Hay Bay, I was just past the last cottage on the north shore when I heard rustling in the bush so I stopped pedalling and kept looking in the direction of the noise. I knew it wasn't a human as there wasn't a soul around anywhere. I thought it might be a deer coming down for a drink but was surprised to see it was a bear. It walked along the bank until it came to the last cottage and sniffed around a boat that was sitting on the ground with a blue tarp on it. It didn't touch the boat though and then slowly wandered off into the bush. I just floated along the water watching him and I don't think he even knew I was there as he never looked at me or stood up. I was just wishing I had my camera with me as I had a clear view of him. Judging by the time I got back to our cottage on Forest View Road, I figure I saw him about 10:45 A.M. Linda Hahn (ghahn@interhop.net)
  • July 3 -6 , 2004, A friend was up at our cottage in Dog Bay between July3-6 and he saw a cub swimming across the bay from our cottage on the West shore to the North east. He thought it was a black lab so he went to see it closer. Anyways, it made it across and went up the hill. Paul (pgreer@mmm.com)
  • July/02. Numerous bear sightings around lake at dusk. Large female bear with cub near Jack's Lane North Shore road.
  • South Baptiste Lake road dump. Large black bear @ 5:30 P.M. mid-Aug./01
  • 3rd week of July/01, North Baptiste Rd 1/2km north of Musky Bay resort: female black bear and 2 cubs.

Current Obervations, Jan. 2006

We have been getting some American Tree Sparrows coming to feed on the ground under our bird feeders in the past few weeks. Also, the Bald Eagles have been in our area of the lake (north end of Forest View Road) this past weekend and a couple of weeks ago were feeding on a deer kill. I also saw a wolf coming across the lake right in front of our cottage one afternoon.
Linda Hahn (ghahn@interhop.net)