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  • May 2, 2013, We have a cottage at the very north end of Forest View Road and on the morning of May 2, 2013 we saw a pair of ducks swimming out front that we had never seen before. We used our spotting scope, telephoto lens on our camera and our bird book to discover that they were Lesser Scaups. That was the only day we saw them. Linda Hahn (ghahn@rogers.com)
  • April 28/07 -This morning when we had just turned off South Baptiste Lake Road onto Clarke Road, we saw an American Woodcock in the middle of the road. It started walking across the road and then flew off into the bush. I know they are in the area but this is the first one that I've seen here.
    Linda Hahn
  • This morning when I looked out at my birdfeeders, I was so surprised to see a male cardinal at the sunflowerseed feeder! We have been on the lake since 1991 and I've never seen a cardinal in this area. He came back a few times during the day to eat from the feeder and from the ground. We are at the very north end of Forest View Road.
    Linda Hahn (ghahn@interhop.net)
  • If you are interested in Loons, don't miss this chance to view most of the detail you would like to know about Loons at www.briloon.org
  • This morning, August 5th, my girlfriend and I went for a walk and were on Rangers Road when I heard some small birds chirping in the bushes right next to the road and when we stopped to see what they were, we were delighted to see that they were indigo buntings! They are beautiful little blue birds and this is only the third time I have ever seen them and the first time I've seen one up here. Linda Hahn
  • Thank you for your help in identifing Horned Grebes! (Apr. 24,2003)
    Further to report of horned grebes. Photo in Audubon Encyclopedia confirms the sighting and that the conversion from winter plumage was incomplete, leaving the white breasts. I have never seen grebes on the Lake before; has anyone?
    We have identified 7 large diving ducks on the south shore of the lake opposite Dog Bay. They have tall necks with bright yellow on the head, dark green back, brown wings and white breast (like loon). They encountered a sole loon and flew 100 yds then settled back on the water.
    Further to the mysterious diving birds -- Peterson shows the horned grebe with yellow on the back of the head and the right colors of back & wings but brown breast! The yellow was immediately obvious as they swam toward us so it must be right on the top. The winter plumage is white on the front so, they are getting their summer plumage and the white breast hadn't yet changed to brown.