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  • From: mcadam@golden.net
    Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009
    Friday April 17th , heading to the cottage on the North Baptiste Lake Road, to round teh curve just after Musky Bay campsite, came upon a very large moose in teh middle of the road , who really wasn't that interested in sharing. Coat was incredibly shaggy. With the cool weather, he shouldn't get rid of the winter coat yet!
  • Friday,December 7/07    
    Left my cottage on North Baptiste by snowmobile heading towards Haliburton,crested a hill to be confronted by a Bull, two cows and two calves!They did get out of the way.Continued on my journey through Whitney returning through Lake St. Peter,crossing the Peterson and following the Maple Leaf Snowmobile Clubs new groomer, again rounded a corner to meet another Bull,cow and two very large calves.What a sight!Nine moose and countless deer in our back yard.In all cases, the snowmobile didn't bother them at all.
    Harold McAdam
  • Sunday, Sept 2nd./07 8:15 pm.
    We were driving home from Baptiste Lake and saw two moose grazing in the swamp off to the side of Dyno Road. A bull and a cow. Too cool!
    David and Wendy Harrison
  • May 15 2007
    We left our cottage on west bay Monday morning at 6:00am 05/14/07and came across a young bull moose on South Baptiste Lake road by Jordan Lake. We stopped and watched him slowly retreat northward. What an awesome sight! Debbie Angevaare.
  • July 21st, 2006
    At approx. 9:00 PM Friday Night, while driving North on Dog Bay Road just before the large swamp on the right, I saw not one, not two, but three Moose, all very large. What a surprise. they were just standing on the road.
    D. Kennedy
  • Friday, March 3rd, 2006
    My husband, Gerry and I were snowmobiling on MLSS Trail # 177 about 3 Km. west of Hwy 127 about 2 oclock in the afternoon when we came across 2 moose standing in the middle of the trail. One was a good sized one that we figured was a bull and the other one was pretty big also. They ran down the trail for a few yards before they went off into the bush. We always see quite a few deer when we're out riding but it was a real neat experience to come across the moose.
    Linda Hahn
  • Oct 2004, Bull moose seen on Hwy. 648 near Highland Grove. Photo on web site. David Armstrong
  • On Sunday morning, May 16/04 at about 8:10 A.M. we were sitting having breakfast when we saw a moose walking in the water parallel to the shore about 20 feet out. He came from the south and continued walking past our cottage and the two neighbours to the north of us until he reached a swampy area and disappeared into the bush. We figured it was just over a year old. Our cottage is near the end of Forest View Road. Linda and Gerry Hahn
  • Nov/03, I saw a moose (cow) swimming up the channel near Hershel Island. It was in early November. David Armstrong