Subject: "Big Louie", Louis Commandant

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Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010
Hello,I was most pleased to see a picture of my grandfather, Louis Shawanakesik Commandant dit Grandlouis on your website. Not long ago I was corresponding with chief Clifford Bastien from Mattawa who told me that he had a picture of Louis's wife, Marie (Mani) Anne's Johnson (Sipikwe).

I am wondering if anyone out there in cyberland would have a copy to place next to the chief Shawanakesik on your website? It would be nice to see those two reunited once again if only on the internet. By the way, her mother was Marie Josette Sipikwe(married name Bastien) whom the Hudson Bay men called "The Belle of the Ottawa". Wouldn't it be great to find a picture of her (Louis's mother in law).

I know there are pictures of her somewhere out there. A woman could never be called the most beautiful girl in the Ottawa Valley and not be photographed.I'll keep checking your webpage to see if anyone has found those two ladies, a welcome addition to Chief Shawanakesik's picture.
Keep up the good work.
Love your efforts,
Rita at

From: T NYMAN []
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010
First of all I wanted to comment on your web pages. Very interesting and well done. I really liked it.

I am looking for more information on the photo of Big Louie, Louis Commandant b. 1823. 1st photo on 2nd row in your historical photo gallery - lake and district memories. I am doing a genealogy research on my family and I was wondering if that is a photo of my great great great grandfather, Grand Louis Commandant aka Gros Louis Commandant married to Mary Anne Bastien aka Mani Ann Kijikawokwe/Kecka8oikue. Do you have any more info about this man or the photo. You had mentioned part of the Baptiste clan on his mother side? The birth date seems to fit.

Any little information may be of help. Thank you

Terry Nyman