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Rangers Lodge (closed)

Lat: 45.112098982679, Long:-78.042347431183



Rangers Lodge

The original site of 7 acres, with an option to purchase for future expansion, contained a cottage built in 1930, known as Trail's End. On July 15, 1931 the Wigwassin Post of the Rangers was founded by the first five boys who had been guests that summer. The Post Lodge, completed in June of 1932,1 believe by Martin Lumber, was constructed of white pine logs indigenous to the area. It was 60' by 60', including a 20' wide veranda running the length of the building. Of the 15 rooms, 10 were allotted to the boys, sleeping four to a room of two double bunk beds or as they called it "lumberjack style". The applicants were limited to 40 in order to ensure that each boy received sufficient attention and instruction.

In the fall of 1958, Ron Schnurpel and three partners bought the lodge and the surrounding land, which consisted of the whole peninsula along with significant portions of the bays to the north and south. The main lodge which had a kitchen, dining room, large lounge, several bedrooms and adjoining cabins were completely renovated, adding propane heaters, toilets, septic connections and wash basins. Drinking water was brought in each day to the main lodge by a tractor from a nearby spring.

After many years, operating the lodge became too much of a burden and in 1979 the Schnurpels decided to subdivide. A new road was positioned up the centre of the peninsula and lots were sold off on both sides c one of which we were able to purchase. Ron and Maria kept a lot adjacent to the lodge, which was sold along with several cabins to a British couple who subsequently sold it to Kevin and Barb Glynn. Kevin's parents had owned a cottage on the lake for years and because of this family connection were thrilled to be back on it. The Glynns with their three children kept it until a transfer to the United States forced them to sell.


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