"So Long Grants", Reprinted with the permission of Roberta Montgomery, Aug. 2003

"Saving our heritage one building at a time" is the motto of a man from Havelock. Not so at Grants on Baptiste Lake.

Our building of history will disappear this fall as "Grants" will be torn down.

Built in the early 1900s by Bill Melchay, it stands as a monument to our forefathers of "what could be built by hand. Rough lumber covered with tin ceilings, maple floors and wainscotting and wallpaper.

Sold to the Grant family a few years later it became the hub of Baptiste Village. The store and post office kept the local people up to date on the news and items they needed.

The train stopped every day bringing goods, mail and passengers. It was an event for everyone to come and see what tourist was arriving.

The family was busy with boarders, preparing meals, cleaning, etc. But in the evenings the pool room and dining room were busy. The neighbours would bring their violins and banjo and the piano would pound away to lively jigs.

The loggers would stay, have a meal and the next morning off they'd go to Martin's Mill. But alas, the railroad has been gone since the 60's. The lumber before that and now Grants will be gone too.

So take your pictures because all you'll have will be your photos and memories. Mabel standing behind the penny candies and handing out the mail and gossip.

Mrs. Grant's ghost will no longer walk the halls, and, no more sitting on the old fashioned verandah watching the beautiful sunstes.

So long Grants.

Roberta Montgomery

Reprinted with permission: Bruce Montgomery Collection